Winter from the windowsill


Just some photos this morning,  to take you into my world of flowers and frost.



It’s roaring with wind outside this morning, but snug in my sunporch, aglitter with frost on the windows


How I love the artistry of frost


Jasmine is one of the loveliest choices for an indoor garden. The cool, bright sunporch is just perfect for it. This plant has been showering me with flowers since before Thanksgiving and is still going strong. It’s my first time growing it and I don’t think I’ll choose to ever live without one.



My indoor garden is abloom with hyacinth, paperwhites, and winter jasmine. The fragrance and white flowers inside are the perfect foil to the frost and snow outside.




How the woods invite a morning walk, with all that sun and blue sky.


Here come the tulips!


The frost creates portals into secret worlds. Here is where I sit under the black walnut, enjoy fires with friends and write at the picnic table. Well, not now. But later when the nine inches of snow (More? I lose track) are gone.


Sun through frost has an otherworldly, almost underwater look, which, I suppose, is just what it is.


The simple pleasure of paperwhites…all pristine prettiness and perfume. And in a cool place, they last and last and last. These first bloomed before Christmas.


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