Such a beautiful cover for Witness Tree

The folks at Bloomsbury Publishing have been hard at work editing, copyediting, and designing my forthcoming book, Witness Tree, due out next spring. The book is the story of climate change, told through the life of a single, 100-year old red oak tree. I spent 2013-15 researching it first as a Knight Fellow in Science Journalism at MIT and then a Bullard Fellow in Forest Research at the Harvard Forest, where this beautiful tree lives. My day in and day out companion for a year in residence at the forest, its beautiful, wild life is the inspiration and storyline of my book. A living timeline, it tells the story of our changing relationship with nature, and all that has meant for our living world. 

Living with this tree and learning its story changed my life, and I hope it changes yours. To see deeply into the life of one living thing is to see your own life much more clearly.

One of the most fun parts of any book (if it goes well) is the selection of the cover. 

Here’s what soon will be coming to a bookstore near you: 




I think it beautifully captures the glow, the majesty and gorgeous wild life of this single, beautiful oak through which I came to learn, and see so much.

Back with more updates on the project soon, including my trip to the Harvard Forest next month to see my tree, and climb it again along with others during the Women’s Tree Climbing Workshop.


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